Warfare in the Age of Horus

Welcome to Imperius Dominatus

Imperius Dominatus is a 6mm-scale large-scale tabletop miniatures game set in the Horus Heresy.

Imperius Dominatus uses 10-sided dice (D10s) to permit truly large battles in 6mm "epic" scale. It draws its inspiration from the many previous "epic"-scale rulesets (such as NetEpic), as well as many original ideas and mechanics. Scenarios permit games to be played in an afternoon with a built-in turn limit, or just play freeform for as much time the players have.

The ruleset and army lists capture the breadth and scope of units and formations from the Horus Heresy, as they currently exist in the larger miniature scale. As it grows and adds new units and formations, so will Imperius Dominatus.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

Download all Imperius Dominatus v1.1 core rules, army books and cards as a single zip file (46MB)



December 14 2020: Version 1.1 now available!


  1. The word “blackshield” on the first page of the Blackshield Army Cards is misspelled. DONE

  2. The Perturabo special formation card has an incorrect reference to the Imperial Fists. DONE

  3. Weapon stats for grav flux bombard are missing for the leviathan dreadnought. DONE

  4. Alpha Legion trait references “move through over”, to be replaced by “agile”. DONE

  5. Destroyers with Jump Packs had the [CA] ability omitted; it will be added. *

  6. Generic Dreadclaw army cards are missing and will be added. DONE

  7. Add land raider transport options for power armored infantry. DONE

  8. Add Missing Deathstorm Drop pod cards. DONE

  9. Last sentence in charge order description has an error in it referring to the hit penalty and bonus to being targeted. DONE


  1. The sections on ranged and close combat assigning dice/hits, etc will be re-organized and re-written where necessary for clarity. DONE

  2. Invulnerable save modifications, removal, and updates. Cost updates. DONE

  3. Macro and heavy macro weapons ignore invulnerable saves. DONE

  4. Application of Forgeworld’s errata file to several units, with stat updates and cost modifications (Phalanx warder, etc).

  5. The Chaplain, Librarian and Primus Medicae Consul types are not available to a Space Wolves Detachment (being replaced with the Priest of Fenris – see page 234). DONE

  6. Legion Consul Herald remove +1 to morale add adds indomitable cost 100points. DONE

  7. Legion Delegatus card wording will be corrected to avoid confusion. DONE

  8. Several Psychic powers will need editing due to changes in how invulnerable saves work. DONE

  9. Better wording on Upgrades cards and how they are added to be included. DONE

  10. Additional language to be added to the close combat section to cover engaging more than one formation in close combat.

  11. Update veteran description. DONE

  12. Modify language on Blood Angels command jump packs. DONE

  13. Update Predators.

  14. Rulebook, Army lists and army cards updated to version 1.1 were necessary.

October 27 2020: Imperius Dominatus website now live!

The Imperius Dominatus core rulebook and army books and cards for the Heresy Era are now available for download.

Stay tuned as Imperius Dominatus enters the Dark Imperium with the first of its Era Indomitus army lists – Orks!


Core Rules

The Imperius Dominatus Core Rulebook, MKIV edition is a comprehensive ruleset where all the key mechanics for game play are explained. The ruleset applies to game play in both the Horus Heresy and Era Indomitus (40k).

The design strives to be easy to understand with a lot of "at a glance" mechanics to limit the time spent on accessing information during gameplay and focus more on actual play.



Army Books & Cards

Army Books

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Imperialis Militia Cards

Legio Custodes Cards

Legiones Astartes Cards (General)

Legiones Astartes Cards (Legion-Specific)

Mechanicum Cards

Questoris Knight Household Cards

Daemons of the Ruinstorm Cards

Secutarii Cards

Sisters of Silence Cards

Solar Auxilia Cards

Titan Legions Cards



There is no Imperius Dominatus without the community’s support! It all began on the Facebook page here:

News, updates and content contributions are discussed there. We hope you will join us!


Imperius Dominatus is a fan-created rulset that is non-profit. Terms and names that are the copyrighted or trademark property of Games Workshop are used without permission and their use does not constitute a challenge to their ownership of such terms.

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